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Rising from a landscaped park on the banks of the Letaba River, in an area of natural tranquility and situated next to the Tzaneen Dam, lies Tzangeni Security Estate. In an uniquely planned neighourhood concept, Tzangeni Security Estate blends easy country living with secure, yet relaxed suburban style. Passing through the security entrance, you will immediately feel the quiet relaxed ambience.

By combining residential and cluster homes within a secure neighbourhood estate, an unique concept has been created. By creating varied products and price ranges, the entire family unit has been considered. Elderly parents may prefer the carefree lifestyle offered by cluster homes, whilst living within the same secure neighbourhood as their families and grandchildren. Similarly, the young married couple or professional may choose to live near the family home.

Children playing safely or cycling trough the neighbourhood to their friends… people jogging and families strolling, are all images that seem distant in our memories, but now form part of the pleasant reality of Tzangeni Security Estate. The very essence of Tzangeni Estate is the concept of real family values combined with the lifestyle needs of today.

Among the key benefits offered at Tzangeni Security Estate, are convenience and peace of mind. One of the most important aspects has been the security of the residents The estate is fully enclosed with electrified perimeter walling and palisade fencing combined with an access control system, creating freedom in a natural environment.

To preserve the special character and the elegant style of Tzangeni Estate, a committee oversees the aesthetic and design standards of all buildings within the neighbourhood – an essential measure in maintaining the high standards you expect from your investment and the area’s natural beauty. See the architectural guidelines and estate rules on the website.

The purpose of the Architectural Guidelines is to ensure that the character and quality of Tzangeni Security Estate is maintained – thereby protecting the value of your home and environment. It is not the intention to unreasonably restrict building design, but rather to establish a language of architectural style and methodology. The Architectural Guidelines are a condition of the purchase agreement and will be enforced by the Tzangeni Estate Home Owners’ Association. The TEHA shall, in addition to any other remedy, be entitled to impose fines in respect of approved building plan deviations, at a rate agreed by the Directors. The design criteria set out in Tzangeni’s Architectural Guidelines, are in addition to Municipal or National Building Regulations.

GPS coordinates:
-23.808795, 30.162766